Expert Care of the Elderly

The Marquis Foundation is the governing body that operates the Peter Dawson Lodge and seniors self-contained housing units within the Vulcan County. The purpose of the board is to ensure that the intent and objectives of the organization are met. The Foundation consists of an eight member board. All representatives are elected officials from each of the surrounding Municipal Governing bodies.

Representation is as follows:

  • Town of Vulcan 1 rep
  • Village of Arrowwood 1 rep
  • Village of Carmangay 1 rep
  • Village of Champion 1 rep
  • Village of Lomond 1 rep
  • Village of Milo 1 rep
  • Vulcan County 2 reps

From these members, a Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected. The Board meets the last Tuesday of each month at the Peter Dawson Lodge. Each member of the board is entitled to deal with all matters arising from the policies, programs, operations and administration of the Management Body except where otherwise provided under the Alberta Housing Act or is Regulation.


If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the signs below, please contact RCMP (Vulcan County) at (403) 485-2267 or any of the resources below.